Simple, fun and easy training for your dog- Launching Oct. 31th, 2017 @ 12:00 PM
You make the magic happen
Stress free Holidays
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Because you make the magic happen
The simple easy and fun way to help you dog through the holidays...
Are you ready to have some stress free Holidays?
Thanks for dropping by, we're so glad you are here. The holidays are coming and if you are like most of our customers, you are the person in your home who makes the magic happen... and you clean up the messes. The holidays can be trying and we want to help make it easier for you and for your family dog. This quick easy program takes just a few minutes at a time and the exercises fits together like puzzle pieces to help you find the management and solutions that work for your family without breaking the bank or taking up your whole day. If you work five minutes, 3 times a day you will do GREAT. I hope you join us... so you can enjoy less mess and more magic! 
Dog training that has a small price for a heap of happiness
This programs helps with getting your dog relaxed & happy about the crate, door manners, greeting guests, teaching a dog settle (or place), management during busy times, coming when called and how to integrate it all so it makes the holidays, and every day, more fun and easier with your dog. We even cover trouble shooting and teaching a dog to get out of the kitchen. We provide ideas for what to do with your dog when you (or your dog) just need a break. Lessons are quick, easy and fun for you and the dog. We focus on the holidays, Halloween to the Superbowl, easy every day skills are great for the average school night too! The program is laid out as a five week course, but feel free to work at whatever pace you prefer. And we are here to help, with a private facebook group for the program too.
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